Women Of Substance

Women Of Substance

On the plane returning from Kenya, I was reflecting on God’s blessings. My husband and I have sponsored two young ladies (Marion and Lucy) for several years and they now attend the university. We’ve written back and forth over the years, but on this trip we got to meet them for the first time. It was an emotional time for us and the day is one we will never forget.

When you are a sponsor through Chariots for Hope, you know you are helping a child who has lost so much. You’re given a chance to give them hope and to show them they are not alone. But when we met the girls, I realized just how much God had blessed me through these young ladies.

We were able to spend several hours talking and getting to know them at Ogada Children’s home. We also met Olga who was at the home at the same time as the girls and is now a teacher. In our conversation, these ladies told me they want to be “women of substance”. They did not say they want to be women of power or wealth, but women of substance, which they defined as women with character, integrity and drive. And they believe a big step needed to achieve this is completing their university education.

With an education, they can be women who can stand face to face as equals with men. With an education, they will not be forced to marry to have a place to live or to get food. With an education, they will be able to care for their children. With an education, they will be women who can make a difference in the lives of others. They will be women who can set an example for other young girls worrying about what their future holds.

These three young ladies have already lived through unspeakable difficulty. But through it all, God has blessed them, not through an easy life or one without pain and scars, but by helping them see who they are and what God has called them to be. As I sat with them and we talked about their future, they smiled and laughed and showed me they do not need to aspire to be women of substance. They already are.


Debbie Kelly is a guest blogger of Chariots for Hope. Along with her husband Tim, she traveled to visit several of our Children’s homes in March of 2017.

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