Thanking God For What He Does Not Allow

Thanking God For What He Does Not Allow

Have you ever thanked God for what He has not allowed? Reading the first two chapters of Job, I am always stunned by the ruthlessness of Satan. He seems to take every inch the Lord allows him to take. When I consider the fact that we have an enemy who wants to destroy the transformational work we are undertaking in more than 800 children’s lives in Kenya today, I am truly sobered.

Recently, we learned that Al-Shabaab members tried to recruit one of our teenage boys when he was on home leave and traveled with his uncle to an area of Kenya where Al-Shabaab is more active. Thankfully, this boy was able to resist this entrapment and confided in our home manager when he returned to his children’s home. Still, this incident is a stark reminder that some of our children face troubles and challenges that most of us who have grown up in the United States have never even imagined. The great news is that our Heavenly Father loves these children more than we can ever know, and we are thanking Him for His protection, for what He does not allow to harm the children in our care. Please join us in thanking our Lord and asking for His continued protection of our children, staff and homes.

Bob Feller

President & CEO, Chariots for Hope

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