Heading to the Polls…Again

Heading to the Polls…Again

Tensions Rise as Kenya Heads to the Polls Again

Tomorrow brings an unprecedented day in Kenya, and one that has us all a bit apprehensive. As you may have been following, tomorrow morning (11pm ESTTonight) citizens of Kenya will go to the polls once again to cast their vote for President after the August 8 presidential elections were declared invalid by the Supreme Court of Kenya. The country has seen an increase in riots and demonstrations since the initial election and there is great concern that this is only the beginning.It is widely assumed that there could be great unrest after the results of Thursday’s elections are declared. Incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta received 54% of the vote in the initial election. Raila Odinga, the second place finisher has been the strongest voice declaring the first election rigged. He has continued to stir up controversy as he has pulled out of Thursday’s election as he claims it will not be a fair election. His name will still appear on the ballot as he never filed paperwork to be removed. Just today he has declared that he will lead a resistance movement and is urging citizens to boycott tomorrow’s elections. The situation is complicated and demonstrators on both side are being riled up with cries of impropriety. These protests and demonstrations have remained relatively peaceful so far, but tensions are running high.

We’ve seen apprehension among our staff in Kenya as this day approaches. Maai Mahiu, our most urban home and Ogada, our home nearest Kisumu (the center of many protests by Raila Odinga’s supporters) have the highest levels of concern. Our other homes are feeling the weight of the tension rising in the country, but are feeling safe. We are so thankful that we serve a God who is in control. While we are apprehensive of what tomorrow or the coming weeks will bring, we are continuing to rest in Him as our source of comfort and peace.

Will you join us in praying?

– Pray for peace in the country regardless of the outcome of the election
– Pray that individuals will not get swept up in the emotion and incite violence
– Pray for safety and protection for our children and staff members
– Pray that our managers and staff would have great wisdom with how to deal with any potential situations that arrive
– Pray for wisdom for the elected leader as they are walking into a very divided country

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