Children in Need of a Sponsor

Thank you for your desire to impact children’s lives through sponsorship. We’d like to introduce you to 10 children at our Mahiga Children’s Home who are in need of a sponsor.



My mom was never married and I do not know my father.  When I was young my mom passed away from pneumonia.  So my two older brothers and I went to live with my grandmother. The only source of income we had was earned from growing vegetables on a small plot of land beside our house.  We did not make enough money for my grandmother to take care of me.  I did know if I would ever be able to attend school until I came to live at Mahiga Children’s Home when I was 6 years old.  I finished high school in 2015! I am now looking forward to learning a trade so that I will be able to support myself as an adult.   K08-CFH/025

Age: 22 | Gender: Female | Children's Home: Mahiga


I came to live at Mahiga Children’s Home when I was 14 years old.  I do not know my father.  My mom married someone after I was born. Then she died.  I was left to live with my step-father. He started abusing me.  It was so bad he was arrested and taken to court, but due to the corruption in our country his case was dismissed. Thankfully, the District Children’s Officer became aware of my situation through this and recommended that I be brought to Mahiga in order to keep me safe.  I do not have any other family members. I am now at Kenyatta University studying education. K08-CFH/102

Age: 20 | Gender: | Children's Home: Mahiga


I do not know my father.  My mom was not married. I have one older brother and one older sister.  When my mom passed away we were left to live with her extended family.  A short time later they abandoned me.  I had no one to take care of me. Different people in the community tried to help out and let me stay with them but no place was permanently home. When I was five years old I found my home at Mahiga Children’s home. I have finished high school. Now I am in my third year of trade school studying plumbing. I never dreamed this would have been possible. K08-CFH/020  

Age: 20 | Gender: Male | Children's Home: Mahiga


My family was all living together until October 2016 when my mother was caught dealing drugs and was put in prison. At this point my father fled and disappeared because he was also involved in drug trafficking.  I am the second oldest child and have six siblings. We had no one to take care of us. Our neighbors did not like us because of what  my parents did and even tried to burn down our house. My grandmother is the only relative who likes us but she is not able to care for us. The District Child Officer took us to Mahiga’s Children’s Home. I am in my first year at trade school studying hairdressing and beauty therapy.   K08-CFH/115

Age: 15 | Gender: Female | Children's Home: Mahiga


My mom is not married. I do not know my father. I have one older sister who helps to take care of my mom. She has some strange disease which caused her leg to be amputated. Since she is immobile now she is unable to work. We were dependent upon my grandparents to provide for me but they did not have a source of income either. I did not know if I would be able to attend school. It is hard to believe that now I am in my last year of primary school in 8th grade (Class 8). This is only possible because I live at Mahiga Children’s Home. I hope to be able to support myself and my family one day. K08-CFH/052

Age: 15 | Gender: male | Children's Home: Mahiga


My mom was chased from her home when she had me out of wedlock.  I do not know my father.  We moved around from one place to the next.  My mom struggled to take care of me and became very depressed.  Neighbors and relatives used to make sure I was getting fed but no one could consistently care for me.  I was not attending school.  In 2011, I came to live at Mahiga Children’s Home. It is so nice to be taken care of and loved.  I just finished primary school in December 2015.  I never thought I would make it through Class 8.  I will be 14 years old in 2016. I enjoy playing netball and being clean.   K08-CFH/074  

Age: 14 | Gender: Female | Children's Home: Mahiga