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Why these projects?

Each year we work with our home managers to understand the greatest needs of their home. Below are a few of the needs we’ve identified that we need your help to complete! You can adopt an entire project, or give just a portion.

Want to make an even bigger impact?   Recruit friends, family, a youth group, or organization to raise money for one of our larger projects below by sharing this page. We’ll help you communicate why these needs are so important and how they can join you in making a difference!

Greatest Needs

With 8 homes, over 830 children, and 90 staff members, our greatest needs are constantly being evaluated and prioritized. Your gift toward our greatest needs will be allocated to provide an immediate impact where it is needed most.

Graduate Start-Up

$1,000 per student

As our children become young adults and finish their education it’s important to us that we set them up for success. Starting off on your own can be scary and we want to support our children though this transition.

Each child must submit a proposal to the home manager for funding, showing they’ve thought through their specific needs. Their needs are unique to them and what they have studied. We’ve provided for things like good tools for a tradesman, a sewing machine, fabric and a few months rent for someone just completing a tailoring program.

Additional Projects:

Washer & Dryer for Kitui, Mogogosiek & Mahiga  – $1,000 per home

3 Cows (Mogogosiek & Maai Mahiu) – $2,000 per cow

CFH Academy Expansion – $10,000

Dining Hall and Kitchen Renovations at Mukaa – $3,400

Mukaa Dorm Renovations – $13,000

Mukaa Office Renovations – $10,000

Maai Mahiu Water Catchment System – $17,500

Mukaa Staff Housing Renovations – $16,000

Staff Housing Projects – $40,000+

With aging campuses and growing staff, many of our homes still need significant resources for staff housing. Please feel free to reach out to our team to learn more about specific projects.

Want more information?

We’d love to talk with you more about any of these projects. Shoot us an email at and we’ll set up a conversation!

Completed Projects

We’re thrilled to share that these projects have been fully funded!

COVID Response

As you can imagine, the pandemic has required us to adapt to be sure we are caring well for our children. Here are several needs that have risen in importance due to changes at the home:

  • Internet Boosters – $250 per home (all 8 homes)

  • Textbooks – $750

  • Game & Sport Equipment – $200 per home (all 8 homes)

  • Teen Resources – $650 per home (6 homes)

  • Life Skills Curriculum – $5,000

Wash Basin at Maai Mahiu


Can you imagine washing all your clothes by hand? That’s the norm in Kenya. The boys at Maai Mahiu Children’s home are in need of a new concrete wash basin to help as they wash their clothes!

Dining Hall Tables

$125 each

Our Mahiga Children’s Home is in desperate need of replacing their current tables and benches. The children use these tables for their meals, homework, meetings, etc. and it’s getting harder and harder to continue using them. We’d love to help them replace the tables with new sturdy tables and chairs.

$125 will purchase a table and 5 chairs. The home needs 20 more sets.


$3,000 per home

3 homes are still in need of wardrobes for the dorms. In this project each of our homes are replacing children’s trunks with  wardrobes. Wardrobes give each child more space for their personal belongings and clothes, a sense of permanence, and secure the belonging against any bugs or moisture.

Homes remaining: Kaptagat Children’s Home, Mukaa Children’s Home, Ogada Children’s Home

Bring Music to a Children’s Home


Hearing the voices of the children singing together each evening is a sound you’ll never forget. 2 homes received new keyboards and speakers bringing great joy to the children. 

Mahiga Boy’s Dormitory


The boy’s housing at Mahiga Children’s Home was in desperate need of being replaced. Generous funding allowed for this project to be completed. 

Technology Upgrade


Laptops, printers and phones were upgraded at several homes helping our staff to better do their jobs.



Vehicles were funded for Kaptagat Children’s Home and for Paul Mwaniki, our national director.