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We want you to intern with us! Twende!

Twende means “Let’s Go” in KiSwahili, one of the national languages of Kenya. Chariots for Hope’s Twende Summer Internship is an opportunity for interns to use their gifts, experiences and skills to directly impact the lives of children living in one of our eight children’s homes. Interning with Chariots for Hope will expand an intern’s worldview and challenge them to serve in new ways that may be unfamiliar and foreign. In addition, interns will gain real life job experience to provide them with skills and experience that they can apply to any job in their future.

So future interns, as you choose to step out of your comfort zone, would you consider joining us to be an integral part of Chariots for Hope work in loving, nurturing and providing hope for vulnerable and orphaned children?

Twende: Let’s Go!

2022 Open Intern Positions: 

Photographer: Travel to several children’s homes documenting their story of everyday life and taking photographs for Chariots’ communication purposes. Will work closely with Chariot’s for Hope communications manager.

Teacher: Preschool, Elementary and Middle School teachers will support our Kenyan teachers in the classroom and work individually with students who are having trouble with their academics. 

Occupational Therapist: Work with several children at one or two homes who are in need of occupational therapy. 

Social Worker: Support our social workers in Kenya as they do home visit assessments and work with our children who need emotional support.

Youth Pastors: Visit our high school students in various boarding schools to offer encouragement and support. Possibly plan a few youth camps as well.

  • Chariots interns are placed in small teams to spend 6-8 weeks living in our homes across Kenya. This allows them to immerse more effectively into the culture of our homes and allows the interns to have a more influential experience. The number of homes our interns serve at will depend on the specific internship positions.

  • There is a financial commitment. Each intern is required to raise $4,200. This includes orientation, airfare, visas, debriefing safari and in-country expenses. This does not include passport, preventative malaria pills, vaccinations or transportation to and from Chariots’ offices in Dresher, PA. We understand this can be a lot of money for a college student yet our interns have always said that this internship experience is worth the financial investment.

2021 Internship Timeline:

Application Deadline: December 31, 2021

Interviews: January 2022

Team Finalized: January 2022

Tentative Dates: June 8 – July 20, 2022

  • Orientation: Interns will spend their first few days at the Chariots for Hope U.S. offices in the suburbs of Philadelphia and their first few days in Kenya learning more about our non-profit organization, cultural norms and getting to know one another.

  • Internship Positions: Each one of our internship positions will determine the focus of your responsibilities in Kenya. However, there are other daily activities you will be doing regardless of which position you fulfill. Those are described below.

  • Supporting the staff: Whether interns are at a baby home or a children’s home working alongside our staff is a vital role. This may mean you are helping in the kitchen, cleaning or washing clothes by hand.  This also means that the days are long and sleep is precious.

  • Devotions: Each home has devotions daily.  Interns are expected to participate and possibly lead devotions.

  • Homework: At the children’s homes, interns will assist the children with their homework each evening.

  • Debriefing: Interns will spend their last days in Kenya on a safari as they began to debrief their experience. Their first 36 hours back in the U.S. will also be spent with Chariots for Hope staff as this is a critical time for us to hear your feedback and reports from the homes as well as assisting with reverse culture-shock.

Internship Qualifications:

  • International Travel or significant cross-culture experience

  • College students (upperclassman preferred) who are qualified for one of our internship positions

  • Stand by the mission, vision and values of Chariots for Hope

  • Interns will be required to submit a child abuse clearance, criminal background check and sign the Internship Covenant

Application Process:

  • Complete Application found here: 2022 Twende Application
  • Submit application, resume and recommendation letters to Crystal Parisi at or mail it to her attention at 1601 N Limekiln Pike, Dresher, PA 19025
  • Three recommendation letters describing your character, strengths and weaknesses:
    • 1 from pastor or family member
    • 1 from job supervisor or academic advisor
    • 1 from mentor or friend

Once Crystal receives an application, resume and all three recommendation letters, she will contact you to set up an interview.

How has COVID impacted Kenya?

COVID has impacted Kenya in a similar way to the impact in the United States. Kenya shut down in-person class in April 2020. In addition to this, the government mandated masks, social distancing, enforced a curfew, closed restaurants and several other restrictions that impacted the economy and disrupted the normality of living in Kenya. Our homes followed the recommendations and limited outside travel. Since then schools have reopened, vaccinations have become available, and we have continued with no positive cases in any of our staff or children.

What happens if the pandemic is still raging in June 2022?

Chariots for Hope’s number one priority is to keep our staff, children, and interns safe. Because of this, if COVID produces an unsafe environment we will cancel the internship. This would allow our interns to commit to interning the following summer with the understanding that we would reserve their spot and support. If our interns decide this is not the best option for them, we will send out communication to their donors to support a specific Chariot’s project or refund the money in full.

Are interns required to have the COVID vaccine?

As of now, travelers to Kenya must have a negative COVID test within 72 hours of their departing flight. This holds true for departing Kenya as well. Therefore, Chariots has decided to require vaccination in order to minimize the chances of having a positive COVID test and being detained in Kenya after the internship. In addition, we want to do our very best to protect our staff and children in Kenya.

Is it safe to travel to Kenya? 

As with traveling anywhere in the world today, there is no guarantee of safety. Chariots receives emails from the U.S. Embassy regarding safety concern, we have contacts within Kenya who are able to immediately help if there is an emergency.

Will I be able to have my cell phone and internet access?

Communication will be limited. This is sometimes due to a lack of internet connection at some of the homes.  In general, Chariots strongly encourages interns to unplug while they are in Kenya except for the few required email updates interns will send back to their supporters.  Interns leaders will have regular and consistent communication with the Chariots for Hope US office in case interns need to be contacted immediately.

Does Chariots for Hope help interns raise the $4,200?

We help interns write a support letter (electronic or snail mail) and provide response cards and envelopes.  We are available to brainstorm other methods of support raising with each intern based on their support system.

What does a typical day look like at a children’s home?

There is no typical day for an intern. However the children have a pretty consistent routine during the week of rising with the sun, heading to school after breakfast, coming back to the home for their hour lunch break and then returning to school for a few more hours.  The evenings are spent playing, bathing, eating supper, having family devotions and studying.