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When you sponsor a child, you’re changing their story from one of hurt and loss to one of hope!

Our sponsorship program goes beyond the necessities of food, shelter, clothing and medical care. While these aspects are important, we can’t leave it there! We care deeply for the whole child, including their social, emotional and spiritual health as well as education. It’s our desire that as children grow into young adults, they have the skills they need to break the cycle of poverty from which they came and become exemplary citizens, leaders and followers of Jesus.

Our Sponsors Build Relationships

Sponsoring Lorna has been so sweet. I LOVE that Chariots genuinely wants you to feel connected to the child you sponsor & view each other as family. Because in Christ, we are family! Lorna and I have connected through letters, pictures, emails, and videos and it is so encouraging to see that we serve the same God all around the world. Like seriously how cool?! Our lives probably look pretty different but the most important thing is the same & that is so uniting! One of the coolest moments was when she sent me her favorite verses from Psalm 27 which is the same chapter that holds one of my favorites 🙂 She already means so much to me & I can’t quite imagine how amazing it will be to someday meet her beautiful face in person after praying for each other & developing a friendship for years. I’m so encouraged by her faith and JOY & can’t wait to see her keep growing️! Psalm 27:10-14

Olivia – Sponsor since 2019

We chose to be a sponsor soon after our oldest child was born and we heard about the needs in Kenya. We couldn’t imagine a child not having food to eat, medical care when they needed it, but most of all loving, Christian caregivers and we were beyond blessed  when we were matched with Hannah! All of our girls have grown up with Hannah as their “older sister” and they don’t let a day go by without praying for her. The girls love to save candy for her and shop for special things they know she will love to send in our yearly package. Receiving a new picture and letter from her is like Christmas for us all and being a part of her journey has been the biggest blessing to us all! We have seen her grow from a little girl to a godly, caring, smart young woman who is thriving and we couldn’t be happier that the Lord would use our small monthly gift to help someone who truly feels like a member of our family. We love Hannah!

The Reese Family – Sponsors since 2011

  • Sponsorship is $45 a month. This donation provides for holistic care for the child you sponsor including a safe place to live, food, medical care, education along with social, emotional and spiritual care.
  • Commitment – We ask sponsors to commit to their sponsorship for at least one year. Many sponsors continue their sponsorship for years, seeing their child through their education. We understand that circumstances change, so you can always contact us should you need to take a break.
  • Each year you’ll receive a Sponsor Annual Report and photo of your child to keep you updated on their progress.
  • We do our best to facilitate 2 opportunities each year to communicate with your sponsored child. You’ll receive notice of these opportunities by email.
  • Chariots for Hope coordinates all of the communication back and forth through our office to ensure that it arrives safely and to help avoid cultural miscommunications. The mailing services in Kenya are not reliable. Letters and packages are hand delivered.
  • You can send us an email communication to your sponsor child at any point 


The children LOVE receiving letters and updated photos from their sponsor.  As you are writing, please keep this in mind:

  • The children who are in class 6 or beyond are fairly fluent in English.  If your child is younger, an older child or a staff member is happy to read your letter on your behalf to your sponsored child.
  • Ask questions!  You can ask anything about their family, school, life at the home, etc.
  • Do not include personal contact information (phone, address, email, etc.)
  • They want to hear about your life!  Tell them about your family, your work, etc.


  • Gifts should be packaged in a 9” x 11.5” manila envelope, not weighing more than 2lbs. Chariots reserves the right to repackage any gift that is not within these guidelines.
  • Only one gift per child is taken to Kenya at a time so please do not pack multiple envelopes.
  • The child’s full name, the name of the children’s home and your name should be written on the outside of the envelope.
  • Deliver or mail the package to the Chariots for Hope office (1601 N. Limekiln Pike, Dresher PA 19025). Packages and letters are packed in suitcases and taken to Kenya by Chariots staff or others traveling on a Chariots trip. They are hand delivered to the children who are thrilled to receive communication from their sponsor! 

Suggested gift ideas:

(you do not need to give all of these items & feel free to be creative):

PRIMARY SCHOOL (Class 1-8): Journal, Coloring book/crayons, Pens, pencils, jump rope, deflated soccer ball, T-shirt, hard candy & gum, Frisbee, headbands (girls), hat, toothbrush/paste

SECONDARY SCHOOL (Form 1-4): English Bible/devotional, scarf/hat, nail polish (girls), puzzle, card game (UNO, Phase 10), lightweight jacket/fleece, backpack, fingernail clippers, coloring book

COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY or TRADE SCHOOL: Watch, purse/wallet, umbrella, flashlight, tools of their trade (i.e. sewing kit, small hand tool, calculator)

*Please do not send money, USA paraphernalia, soft candy, camera (or electronics), personal contact information, immodest family photos for Kenyan culture (i.e. beach vacation photos)

Q: Can I meet my child in Kenya?

A: Yes, we do offer trips to our homes. Look at our Travel Page to find out more about the possibility of traveling to Kenya or email us your interest at information@chariotsforhope.org.

Q: Can I mail a letter or package to my sponsor child?

A: We ask that all letters and packages come through our office as the postal system in Kenya is not reliable. We will give you notice each time a team will be able to take letters and packages to your sponsor child’s home.

Q: My sponsor child is over 18, why are they still at the home?

A: Unlike the US, many children living in poverty can’t go to school. Since our children come to us at all different times in their lives, we often have children beginning school at age 8, 9 or even later. It is our policy to allow our kids to be supported by the home until they have completed their education. This might mean they remain in our program until 22or 23. We want to be sure they are equiped to be on their own before they graduate. This is how we’re breaking the cycle of poverty in their lives.

Q: Do you wait until a child is sponsored to bring them into the home?

A: No, the child you’ve chosen to sponsor has already been living in one of our homes and is simply in need of a sponsor. However, there are hundreds of children waiting to be admitted into our children’s homes.  We accept children into the homes as space becomes available. We have faith that people like you will come alongside and provide sponsorship.





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