The Essential Activity of Prayer

The Essential Activity of Prayer

Jim Cymbala, Pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle, considers the weekly Brooklyn Tabernacle prayer meeting to be the “spiritual engine that drives the church.” Likewise, at Chariots for Hope, we have come to believe that prayer is the most essential activity of our work. As an organization, we list “Christ Centeredness” at the top of our list of values. The goal of our work is total transformation in the lives of the children we serve. We know this will not happen unless Jesus Christ works His work in their lives. Because we never want to forget this truth, we have a scheduled time of staff prayer every Tuesday morning in our Dresher office. The staffs of each of our eight homes in Kenya also meet frequently for a time of corporate prayer.

Of course, prayer for Chariots for Hope does not end with these times of corporate prayer. We hear from many of our supporters that they are praying for the work we do. We know that many of our child sponsors pray daily for the children they are sponsoring. And we know that staff members here and in Kenya are frequently lifting up the needs of Chariots for Hope to the Lord. We believe that the Lord delights in the work or caring for the fatherless, so we are confident that He desires to bless the work we are doing. But we also know that if we do not stay connected with Him, we cannot successfully fulfill our vision — to provide the children we serve with opportunity and hope so that they develop into exemplary citizens, leaders, and followers of Jesus Christ.

We have seen God answer prayers in amazing ways over the past few years. A couple of years ago, in a particularly difficult financial period for Chariots, we received an unsolicited gift that was one of the largest gifts ever given to our work. The gift arrived within a few hours after a particularly fervent time of prayer for the financial needs of Chariots for Hope. When staff at one of our baby homes expressed concern that two toddlers were unable to walk when they should be walking, we entreated our Heavenly Father on their behalf. Within days, both toddlers were walking. We’ve seen the Lord provide healing from disease, fund projects, and grant sudden, unexpected favor to resolve significant impasses that looked insurmountable.

As the president of Chariots for Hope, I can attest to the passion, dedication and talent that our staff, in both Kenya and the United States, brings to work every day. And I’m extremely grateful for them and their efforts. But I know it’s not enough. Jesus taught us that without Him we can do nothing. Nothing! But He also said that if we abide in Him, we would bear much fruit. So, the key to the success of the work of our team is that they are abiding in Christ, seeking Him in prayer, and working in the strength He provides. One of the great challenge in caring for more than 800 children is that the needs are so daily. Caring for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our children every day is an incredibly daunting work. Only the Lord can provide the love, the wisdom, the energy and the daily renewal required to do this work with excellence day after day after day. And we are so thankful that He is doing so! Please pray with us for the Lord’s continued blessing on our work. If you’re one of the many who are already standing with us in prayer, thank you!


Bob Feller

President& CEO, Chariots for Hope

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