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About the home:

You cannot visit Mulango with thinking of the children singing and dancing.  From the moment a visitor comes through the gate they are greeted with indescribable, heavenly singing from the children.  At devotions each evening, the children love dancing and singing.  It is likely they learned this from the staff who enjoy dancing right alongside of them.

Mulango Children’s Home is part of a mission station.  The station includes a girls high school, a bible college, a clinic and a local church. The children’s home is very involved in this local community.  Mulango had a borehole drilled at the end of 2013 and found enough water to meet the needs of the home.  Prior this point they were dependent upon the nearby river which dried up during the dry season.  With water on the compound it is possible to have a greenhouse and poultry project, and maybe a few other sustainable projects as well.

Meet The Manager:

Michael Njorge

Michael’s passion for the children of Mulango runs deep. Orphaned at eight years old, Michael grew up in a children’s home himself. His personal understanding of what the children of the home have experienced gives him a unique way to connect and care for them.

Michael began working with Chariots for Hope in 2013 as a regional accountant. Stationed at our Maai Mahiu Children’s home, Michael oversaw the finances of several homes. In addition to his finance duties, Michael was a trusted member of the leadership team at the home, building deep, meaningful relationships with the children and staff. In 2019 Michael was promoted to be the Manager at Mulango. He thanks God for the opportunity to serve as a father to so many children and help them realize who God has created them to be. It is rare to see Michael without a big, contagious smile!

Michael and his wife Susan have 2 children

Child’s Story:

Joseph-NguthuJoseph Nguthu

I am the youngest of six children.  In 2001 when I was old year old my mom passed away from malaria.  Two years later my dad passed away from tuberculosis.  I was separated from my siblings as we were divided among our relatives. I was living with my uncle but he did not welcome me into his family. Life was so hard until I came to my new family here at Mulango Children’s Home.

I am one of the first boys to attend secondary school (high school) since the Mulango Children’s Home reopened the doors.  My parents here told me I am setting the example for the younger boys to follow so I worked very hard in school.   I look forward to finishing my secondary school and continuing on with my education so that one day I will be able to support myself and help others who are in need.