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About the home:

Mogogosiek was opened in 2000 after being built with the support of a European missionary.  It is described as the Garden of Eden within Kenya.  As the gates open from the road, you see beautiful flowers and well-manicured grass.  There is a large garden which provides all of the vegetables for the children.  Beyond the garden is a playground complete with a merry-go-round, swings and a slide.  A small tea field, some fruit trees and pineapple plants, the chicken coop and the zero-grazing cow shed complete the perimeter of the campus.  There is also a nursery school on campus for the children to attend, as well as children from the community.

In the center of these projects is a group of young woman who care tirelessly for infants, toddlers and preschool children! Some of the children arrive at the home without a name or any identity, others come with their grieving fathers who have just lost their wife in childbirth and is not able to provide care for his tiny infant baby.  Once his child is old enough to attend school, he will be happy to care for him.  Until then he visits regularly.  Each baby has their own unique story and yet as they spend this critical time at the home growing and developing they find family here. They find love and a chance of survival that they did not have when they arrived.

Meet The Manager:

Priscillah--MogogosiekPriscillah Korir

Priscillah served as the Manager of Litein Children’s home from 1976 to 2000, when she transferred to Mogogosiek Baby Home. She has a diploma in Theology, and also has specialized skills in infant development. Priscillah’s acumen for caring for the specific needs of each baby has allowed her to cultivate a foundation in these children that they might not otherwise have.


Child’s Story:

Valary-ChepkoskeiValary Chepkosgei

When Valary was less than one month old she was found at an outdoor market at night.  No one knows how she was left there or for how long.  She was taken to the hospital and when given a name and a healthy status, she was brought to the baby home.  While there are many unknowns to Valary’s life up until she came to the home, we are honored to know that her future holds more hope for her than it ever has before.

Some babies come to the home without even a name.  They not only have a chance at surviving the next day of life, they are loved and nurtured while being cared for by the home staff.