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About the home:

Mahiga Children’s Home is tucked away near the foothills of Mount Kenya.  Its green rolling hills make it a setting that is much different from what most people picture in Kenya. The palm tree that greets you just outside of the office makes this home peaceful and serene.  The campus is one of the smallest Chariots for Hope compounds, which mean the children and staff are a close family.  Nearly all the staff live on campus, which is much easier now that the new staff housing unit has been completed.  A new kitchen and guest housing has also recently been added.  The next major project is a new boys dorm, which will also allow the dining hall to be expanded.

The staff have done a phenomenal job maximizing every area of the home.  The children have space to play volleyball, a much loved sport at Mahiga! There are cabbages and other vegetables planted in several small gardens.  The children help care for the dairy cows and other animals on the campus. The area surrounding Mahiga is well-known for high quality secondary schools.  Unfortunately, the primary schools are not as good but our children work hard in school.  For the last several years, one of the children from Mahiga has had the highest grades in the entire school.

Meet The Manager:

David---MahigaDavid Mbugua

He has been a long-time staff member within the network of Children’s Homes. David is vocationally trained and educated as a social worker. He originally held the position of Social Worker at Mahiga Children’s Home, and was eventually promoted to Manager after years of service. David has a passion for serving children and being part of the process of developing them into future leaders.


Child’s Story:

Godfrey-WanjikuGodfrey Wanjiku

I do not remember the details but I know my life was horrible. They said this was visible from the time I came through the doors at Mahiga.  I was physically sick and emotionally unattached to anyone. I saw the world as dangerous and I had to hurt everyone in my path in order to survive.  My mom has a severe mental illness and an intellectual disability.  Due to this, she often wanders alone in unsafe places.  She was raped one night and that’s how I came into the world.

I came to the home when I was six years old but had never been to any type of school. I spent two years in nursery school and then this past year I was ready for Class 1.  I’m starting to trust my family here and I like being loved.