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Core Partner: Cornerstone Church of Skippack

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About the home:

Drive North West from Nairobi out towards Eldoret.  It’s a long drive but the road is pretty good until you are less than an hour from Kaptagat Children’s Home.  As you enter the gates you are warmly greeted with singing from the children.  There is no traffic noise, the grass is green and the river which borders the home property at the bottom of the hill is moving along as if it has somewhere important to go.  Even the dairy goats do not distract from this peaceful and sweet environment.  The home neighbors are an athletic camp where a small group of marathon runners continue to train.  The church is just beyond them and on the other side there is a primary school.  Kaptagat also has large farm a few kilometers down the road. There are cows there, a small forest for harvesting firewood and crops.  Recently 165 bags of oats were harvested from the farm.

It is difficult to tell the staff’s biological children from the children living at the home.  Nearly all of the staff live on the campus of the children’s home. Each Sunday afternoon there is a soccer game and the competition is intense.  You cannot tell if the staff players are making it a more serious game or if they are the ones lightening the mood.  Even Eliab, the night watchman, perches on the large rock on the sideline as he announces each move and play as if someone was listening the game on a radio. Those staff and children who do not want to play watch from the sidelines as they sit and talk with one another.  You do not want to miss this weekly event!

 Meet The Manager:

Levy---KaptagatLevy Tuwei

Levy is a pastor by calling and a social worker by profession. He graduated from AIC Kapsabet Bible College with a diploma in Bible and Pastoral Studies. Levy also has a diploma in Social Work from Narok University. He has received training in administration, child development, child evangelism, & HIV/AIDS. He has served as a local church pastor for more than ten years, coordinating twenty four local churches. Levy has worked as a social worker at a vocational training center before joining Kaptagat as the Manager. He and his wife, Susan, have been blessed with 4 children.


Child’s Story:

Cynthia-JebetCynthia Jebet

My sister and I lived in the small forest close across the road from the children’s home.  My dad passed away from cancer and we were homeless.  My mom tried to work hard but there were many days where there was no money to buy food and we did not eat.  One night my sister and I were so hungry we thought we were going to starve so we went knocking on the gate at the children’s home.  We went to school with the children who lived there and knew they always had food.  We were so glad that they welcomed us in and fed us.  When they realized that we were not eating and were often alone, they came and talked to my mother about letting us live at the home.  I was 7 years old then.

With a full stomach I am able to perform better in school.  I’m so happy to have a safe place to sleep and a quiet stomach.  My grades have improve each year.  I’m now finishing my fifth grade year.