The story of Chariots for Hope began in 2009. A network of children’s
homes JBP_0432in Kenya, East Africa was in a financial crisis as their European partner could no longer fund the homes as they once had. These homes had such a rich heritage. Opened by the African Inland Church (AIC) as early as the 1970’s these homes provided a refuge for children without hope. Because of these homes, thousands of children had been given the care they needed to survive. Now, they were facing having to close their doors.

God used one home manager who was working with a church in Dresher, PA to spread the word of the impending loss of funds. With this knowledge and a step of faith, Chariots for Hope was started. God provided richly as he brought partners, child sponsors, and funding to continue this work. In late 2009 Chariots assumed responsibility for our first 2 homes. The coming years brought great growth as we expanded to include additional homes.

Chariots for Hope partners with the AIC by providing operational leadership and financial support to 8 children’s homes. The eight homes include two baby homes and six children’s homes, providing love and care for nearly 800 vulnerable and orphaned children. We invite you to click here to learn about the unique elements of each home, meet the manager and get a peek into a child’s life whose life has been transformed by being given the opportunity to be part of the family here.

Our Work

It is not enough to just provide these children with the basic needs of life. Providing food, clothing and shelter is important, but we can’t stop there. Our vision is to provide these children with opportunity and hope so they develop into exemplary citizens, leaders, and followers of Jesus Christ. We want to care for these children as if they were our own, preparing them to impact their communities and reach their full potential.

To learn about how we do this, visit our Children’s Home page.

Our Staff

_MG_1945Our staff is our most important asset. Over 90 Kenyan men and women serve 24/7 to impact the lives of these kids. Each “aunt” and “uncle” brings something different to enrich the children’s lives. They pour into these children, just as they would with their own.

Our home managers (aka “dad” or “mom”) have overall responsibility for the children and staff at their homes. These men and women create a true home for the children. They are a mom or dad who give them a sense of belonging, keep them safe and push them to reach their full potential.

Each home also has an assistant manager, dorm moms & nursemaids, cooks, grounds keepers, and security guards. Get to know many of our staff members on the individual home’s pages.