How do You Heal?

How do You Heal?

In our homes, every child has experienced trauma. For some it was the loss of a parent, for others it was years of abuse and neglect. We don’t believe that we can holistically care for these children without helping them begin to heal from their past. That is why we chose to host a Healing Trauma Camp at each of our children’s homes.

In a newsletter this summer we spoke about this desire and within 2 weeks all 6 camps were funded! Cosmas, our Program Manager in Kenya is helping our staff in Kenya facilitate these camps. In August our first 2 camps were held at Mahiga Children’s Home and Ogada Children’s Homes.

These camps gave students a chance to understand their trauma and use singing, drama, small groups, art and other avenues to begin to process through their feelings. They learned that ultimate healing only comes through Jesus. And that they are valuable and loved by Him!



In a report Cosmas wrote after the trainings, he said: “The lesson on ‘loss and grief’ became a lesson that most children were able to relate closely of directly with. Some shared how they felt and thought when they lost their loved ones, most of who were close family members. Expressing how they felt/still feel about their loss is something they confessed it wasn’t easy. Most of the children could not share expressively in detail how they felt, and/or what was going on through their minds. But surprisingly, they were able to bring out a lot of their feelings when they wrote down ‘lament letters’ to God addressing Him on what they thought was unfair. Although we made it open for anyone to share what they had written down if they so wished, no one was confident/open enough to share. But when they handed me their letters (which were not signed with their names) and read them later, I realized that most of them still carried deep feelings especially concerning the loss of their loved ones. From the way they addressed their letters to God, I could tell that they were still hurting, upset, sad, disappointed – and couldn’t understand or explain why things happened that way for them.  Some did however express their optimism that God would make things better for them”.

We know that healing does not come instantly. One camp won’t take away all their hurt, and it’s not intended to. What we pray it does is begin the healing process. In expressing and understanding their hurt, they can begin to move toward healing.


Will you pray with us for healing for our children?

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