2018 Baby Day

2018 Baby Day

Making a difference in the lives of babies

It was another memorable day for members of staff and the children of Mogogosiek Baby Home as they hosted their annual event – “Baby Day”. The Baby Day for the community of Mogogosiek, and especially for the AIC church which is one of the key stakeholders, is a special event normally celebrated on the first Sunday of July, every year. Apart from just having a natural attraction towards the babies, the church and the surrounding community for a couple of years now have made a commitment to be visiting and be a blessing to the babies of Mogogosiek Baby Home, by praying together with them and giving them gifts of different kinds.

This year’s event began officially at 10 am but guests started arriving as early as 9 am. They brought with them different gifts for the babies, including but not limited to fruits, cooking oil, beans, maize, tissue papers, and clothes.  Individuals and people of good will donated tents, chairs, sound systems, and a number of other things to facilitate the occasion. Churches under various groups of District Church Councils (DCCs) also contributed different amounts of money to support the Home.

The toddlers and staff members led by their manager, presented captivating songs and memory verses which left the crowd applauding for the entire period of their presentation. A number of choirs from different churches also presented wonderful songs that carried amazing blessing to all.


Among the guests who graced the occasion was the Bishop of Bomet Area Church Council, Rev. Hezron Korir, who was the main speaker during the church service. The Governor of Bomet County government, Dr. Joyce Laboso, was also another guest who went to bless the babies. The church and the community of Mogogosiek has remained a pacesetter in demonstrating a huge passion of supporting our Homes through all the means within their reach. There were 7 Regional church councils represented on that day, with attendants drawn from over hundred churches of AIC Bomet Area. We thank God for them, and we bless them for all the tireless work they are doing in making a difference in the lives of our children.


Guest Blogger: Cosmas Lagat

We’re thrilled to introduce our in-country Program Manager Cosmas to our blog. Cosmas has a unique perspective of our homes as he spends the majority of his time at our 8 homes working with our staff and children. He’ll be sharing with us different stories and insights each month. Thanks Cosmas!

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