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Thank you for choosing to become a significant part of one of our children’s lives! It means so much to them to know they are not forgotten!

Visit our child sponsorship page to learn all about the program.  

Meet a few of our kids:


I live with my grandmother.  My parents abandoned me and are untraceable. My grandmother is very sick with high blood pressure and she is diabetic.  She is in and out of the hospital often.  I miss school a lot and depend on well-wishers to provide for me. My cousin, Raphael, is in the same situation.  Our grandmother reached out to the sub-county children’s department for help because she knew she could not care for us. We were so thankful for the opportunity to live at Maai Mahiu Children’s Home where we are safe and all of our needs are met.  I am in 3rd grade (Class 3). K01-CFH/158  

Age: 9 | Gender: Male | Children's Home: Maai Mahiu


I do not know my father.  My mom is mentally sick.  She was taken to the police station after we were found in the very cold forest by a Good Samaritan. She said we were in the forest praying and fasting.  She has never been concerned with her children.  We were dependent upon others to feed us and we were always moving from one place to another.  I am so happy to be settled in one place at Maai Mahiu Children’s Home.  I am happy my brother, John, lives there with me too.  I am in 3rd grade (Class 3). K01-CFH/162  

Age: 9 | Gender: Male | Children's Home: Maai Mahiu

Samuel K.

My mom died on January 27, 2017 and the next year my dad died on June 2, 2018.  They passed away from AIDS.  My dad was also paralyzed.  Life was so hard.  I was left with my grandmother.  She is elderly, sick and not in a position to care for me. I was in and out of school because we could not afford for me to attend. Often I stayed home to help with the chores and care for my grandmother. This makes it hard to focus on my education.  I am thankful to have the opportunity to live at Maai Mahiu Children’s Home and attend school.  I am in 7th grade (Class 7). K01-CFH/163  

Age: 13 | Gender: Male | Children's Home: Maai Mahiu


My mother died in 2007 after a brief illness. Although she worked hard to care for her children, my siblings and I lacked a lot of the necessities of life. My father disappeared and never returned home. He avoided the responsibility of nurturing and caring for his family. This left a huge void in our lives. My situation improved when I was admitted to the Kaptagat Children’s Home in 2006. Now I have a safe loving environment where I can thrive. I am in the trade school. K04-CFH/046

Age: 18 | Gender: Male | Children's Home: Kaptagat


My mom was a single mother and never had the privilege of an education. Life was hard. We moved constantly to find her work so she could provide stability for her children. Unfortunately, my mother was only able to find casual employment because of her lack of education. The instability had a negative effect on my education. We never had a place to call home. It has been a struggle for my mother to care for our physical, medical, and educational needs. I am so grateful for the love and care being provided by the Kaptagat Children’s Home. I finally feel safe and secure. I am in 10th grade (Form 2). K04-CFH/065

Age: 18 | Gender: Male | Children's Home: Kaptagat


My father abandoned the family, leaving me in the care of my mother. When my father left there was a huge financial burden and visible void in the family. My mother was diagnosed with tuberculosis. As a result of her illness, she was not able to work. We could not afford school fees and it was very difficult to attend school.  Since moving to Kaptagat children’s home,  I have been able to complete high school and now I am in college. I am studying at Eldoret Polytechnic School. K04-CFH/019  

Age: 22 | Gender: Male | Children's Home: Kaptagat


Before coming to live at Maai Mahiu Children’s Home I was living in a safe house in Naivasha.  My aunt had brought me from Kisumu, where I was born. She then abandoned me and I had no where to go. I was living on the streets. I came to live at Maai Mahiu in 2015. I was not used to living in a nurturing environment and struggled to trust the people there. I ran away and went to find my parents in Kisumu.  I found them but they are living in horrific conditions and I could not stay with them. Thankfully I was able to return to the Children’s Home. I am in 11th grade (Form 3). K01-CFH/119    

Age: 21 | Gender: Male | Children's Home: Maai Mahiu


My mother died while giving birth. Within 18 months my father committed suicide. I was left alone with my siblings. My older brother who is in 8th grade was the one responsible for us. We depended on well-wishers to give us food and it was difficult for us to get to school. An NGO who was sponsoring the school we were supposed to be attending noticed our desperate situation. They advocated for us and we were rescued to Maai Mahiu Children’s Home. I’m happy to be living here with my brother John Maru. I am in 4th grade (Class 4). K01-CFH/168

Age: 11 | Gender: Male | Children's Home: Maai Mahiu

Are you looking for a child from a specific home with which your church or organization is connected?

For Maai Mahiu Children’s Home, click here.

For Kaptagat Children’s Home, click here

My experience with child sponsorship through Chariots actually began in Kenya, as I was fortunate enough to visit the Maai Maihu children’s Mark-Hayner-with-Isaac2home in 2009.
On a walk to church Sunday morning, I walked next to a young boy named Isaac, who I was taken with right away.  He had a very quiet confidence about him, and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him. In just a few days’ time I had grown a deep love for these children and wanted to be able to make an impact in their lives even after I went home. For my family, the answer to that desire was child sponsorship.  What’s more, God made it very clear who I should sponsor.  I checked with the social worker named Rose, and sure enough, Isaac was not being sponsored at the time.  I was thrilled.  Since then, I’ve gotten to correspond with him through letters, and twice now, have gotten to see him in person–to hug him, give him some gifts, and most importantly, spend some precious minutes with him- sharing updates on our family, and hearing about his goals and dreams.  He is no longer the young boy I knew on that walk, but now a young man, with a bright future ahead of him.  His quiet confidence is evident as ever, and it comes from the solid biblical foundation he was given at this Children’s home.  This is a young man, who despite his circumstances, knows who he is in Christ, and that makes all the difference.  He affectionately refers to himself as “our loving son,” a fact which I am very proud of!

Sponsoring a child through Chariots is simply one of the most rewarding things that you can do.  It takes the idea of showing God’s love to a new level, as you are honestly gaining a family member through this.  To love them, pray for them, and watch them grow and develop is one of the most precious things you can experience.   It is a very tangible way to bless someone and show the love that God has given us first.  I would highly, highly recommend getting involved, and sponsoring a child today if the Lord has laid that on your heart.  I can promise you, you will never regret it!

Mark Hayner, sponsor since 2009



Crystal MoyerAs a younger couple, my husband and I were struggling to have a child of our own.  We started the adoption process to give a child a home but God started giving us girls of our own.  However, our hearts were still tender toward those children without a home or family.   So our family was delighted when our church partnered with Chariots for Hope.  We jumped at the chance to sponsor a child and now a family of Dad, Mom and four daughters … has a BOY, Emmanuel!!!!  We have been blessed as we pray for him and communicate with him through packages.

God had another blessing to bestow! My oldest daughter and I had the miracle of going on a mission’s trip to Kaptagat Children’s Home where our boy lives.  We had built a relationship through pictures and notes, and Emmanuel knew who we were the minute he saw us.  God’s love and prayers connected us and now we were face to face … my cup runneth over!  The time we spent with him was glorious, he is a gift from God.  Words cannot describe the joy that floods my heart every time I pray for or think of our boy, Emmanuel.

It is a blessing for us to give to these children, but I saw firsthand what our family meant to Emmanuel.  As a sponsor, you are not just a name … they want to know you, they love you and they thank God for you!  Praise God we can be a part of these children’s lives!

Crystal Moyer, sponsor since 2014