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Why these projects?

Each year we work with our home managers to understand the greatest needs of their home. Below are a few of the needs we’ve identified that we need your help to complete! You can adopt an entire project, or give just a portion.

Want to make an even bigger impact?   Recruit friends, family, a youth group, or organization to raise money for one of our larger projects below by sharing this page. We’ll help you communicate why these needs are so important and how they can join you in making a difference!

Greatest Needs

With 8 homes, over 830 children, and 90 staff members, our greatest needs are constantly being evaluated and prioritized. Your gift toward our greatest needs will be allocated to provide an immediate impact where it is needed most.

A new vehicle


Both Mogogosiek Baby Homes & Ogada Children’s Home are in need of a vehicle. Vehicles are imperative for the home to be able to quickly get a child to a hospital in an emergency, taking children to appointments, or picking up food & supplies.

A donation of any amount to this project is appreciated.

Mahiga Girl’s Dormitory


With the boy’s dorm completed, the next priority for Mahiga is a new space for our girls. A new dormitory will allow for better facilities, and more space for the number of girls in our program.

Project proposals available upon request.

Kaptagat Social Worker’s Home


Providing housing on campus for each of our staff members is a priority. Our social workers are essential to caring well for our children, and we want to ensure their family has a living space of their own that meets their needs.

Red Cross Training

$1,000 per Home – 4 Homes Remaining

Providing Red Cross Training in first aid and fire safety to all of our staff in Kenya. This training is so important to make sure our staff members are prepared in an emergency.

Additional Projects:


Ogada Dining Hall Repairs – $4,700

Maai Mahiu Staff/Guest Housing – $4,000 Remaining

Mogogosiek Washing Machines – $3,000

Maai Mahiu Perimeter Walls – $18,000

Maai Mahiu Water Solution – Est. $65,000 – $100,000

Ogada Water Tanks – $4,700

Dorm Mom Retreat – $3,000

Completed Projects

We’re thrilled to share that these projects have been fully funded!

Bring Music to a Children’s Home


Hearing the voices of the children singing together each evening is a sound you’ll never forget. 2 homes received new keyboards and speakers bringing great joy to the children. 

Mahiga Boy’s Dormitory


The boy’s housing at Mahiga Children’s Home was in desperate need of being replaced. Generous funding allowed for this project to be completed. 

Technology Upgrade


Laptops, printers and phones were upgraded at several homes helping our staff to better do their jobs.



Vehicles were funded for Kaptagat Children’s Home and for Paul Mwaniki, our national director.